VIP Stars turn Ibiza into celebrity hot spot! Discover who has been visiting the white island during the summer months. Here are our top 10 celebrities to look out for.

Forget Hollywood, when it comes to celeb spotting Ibiza is a hotbed of potential struck-by-star encounters just waiting to happen.  As the epicentre of cutting-edge dance music this is the place to see and be seen and each summer our magical, Mediterranean island cannot help but entice onto its dancefloors the movers and shakers (no pun intended) from the worlds of fashion, art, movies and music.

And move and shake they do. They are moving here in their droves, splashing out on luxury beachfront accommodation or private country mansions. And the shaking? It’s not uncommon to find such A-listers as Orlando Bloom, Naomi Campbell or Paris Hilton doing exactly that with the rest of the ravers in Eivissa’s favourite nightspots.

Although the blond heiress, who recently launched her own Ibiza boutique hotel, is more likely to be found behind the DJ booth at superclub, Amnesia, working the decks at her weekly residency, Foam and Diamonds. Alongside Paris, current celebrity Ibiza property owners include Jade Jagger, jewellery designer and daughter of Mick, sexy songstress Shakira and her young family, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and, of course, superstar DJ, David Guetta. Many other famous faces who visit regularly love the island so much they migrate for the duration and rent exclusive holiday properties for the seasonal months.

 Gorgeous Dutch Supermodel and all-round lovely person, Marlijn Hoek, chooses to rent a private summer vacation home with Harissa Villas every year. This year she chose our luxury villa, Kasbah 2, for her stay.  A great choice given its proximity to Es Vedra.  After all that international jet-setting we’re sure the peace of Cala Carbo was a welcome exhalation.  

Ibiza holiday rentals were at an all-time high in 2017 and everywhere you looked there were celebrities on their hols. This said, bumping into celebrities in Ibiza isn’t always that easy. Often times, they’ll be roped off from public access, protected by the gargantuan and grizzly guards of the VVVIP areas. And VIP with a triple V has been known to exist, such is the quantity of VIP celebrities in Ibiza these days they are graded according to importance!

Famous celebrities have taken over the Spanish island showing off spectacular beach bodies by the day while partying in the hottest nightclubs by night.

So, to keep things simple, with no particular grading or order, here’s a look at our Top Ten list of celebrities spotted in Ibiza this year.

#1  Michael Fassbender and now wife, Alicia Vikander – Oscar nominee and Oscar winner respectively – chose to have their celebrity wedding in Ibiza this year.

#2  Ibiza regular, Kate Moss, was in San Antonio, enjoying a view of the Primal Scream concert from the balcony at Ibiza Rocks.

#3  Actor, Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor from Game of Thrones, was seen DJ’ing – rather brilliantly it is said – at Cafe Mambo. They’re all at it!!  

#4  The cast of British soap opera, Hollyoaks, were here filming their summer shows. In fact, British soap opera stars who holiday in Ibiza are too many to mention!

#5  Ibiza DJ Carl Cox. How could we make a Top Ten list of Ibiza anything without mentioning the big guy himself; a legend in these parts and a highly respected pioneer of all things musical. Best place to spot him? Behind the decks!

#6  Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, in a bikini.  Wish you were here?

#7  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star, Conor McGregor, reportedly worth a cool $34 million, was seen spending time partying and relaxing here after losing his fight to Floyd Mayweather a fortnight previously.  But hey, the loan of his Russian, billionaire friend’s $500 million superyacht is not such a bad booby prize.

#8  He may not have been running down the beach in slo-mo, red shorts billowing seriously in the wind, but Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff, otherwise known as The Hoff,  was still looking his best when spied attending Dimitri Vegas’ wedding in Ibiza this year.  

#9  For healthy holidays Ibiza style, holistic fitness retreat, The Body Camp, in the grounds of a luxury private villa with pool, is always a celeb-packed affair. Known for their hilarious approach to fitness, the trainers have put everyone, from Spice Girls to top models to TV heart-throbs, through their paces in – wait for it – fancy dress!  This year saw Donna Air, Louie Spence and Lisa Snowdon Lycra’d up and throwing shapes in the pool. Where were the paps when all that was going on?

#10  Ibiza is no stranger to pirates. And so. Last, but by no means least, none other than actor, Johnny Depp, graced our waters with his A-list, all-star presence this year. Assumedly he was taking some time out in the midst of his divorce from Amber Heard. Whatever the reason, he had every female resident in Ibiza on hiatus for the duration of his stay. But Senor Depp is the mere tip of the star-studded iceberg.

The influx of the world’s rich and famous in Ibiza, be they in search of parties, peace or property, is testimony to the island’s freedom-loving, all-inclusive, cooler than school heartbeat. And whilst everyone is welcome, nothing is more important than the music. P Diddy’s appearance in the DJ booth at Circo Loco, DC10’s famous Monday night bash, a few years ago, hardly even turned heads. So whether you are Joe Bloggs next door or LA’s finest bright, young thing Ibiza’s arms are open to all; hedonistic getaway, Ibiza family holidays or a slice of spiritual solace; one V, two V’s, three V’s or none, Ibiza is still the perfect holiday location. The celebrities said it so.