Ibiza has become a popular place to get married and the south west coast with its fantastic sunsets, the most sought-after. Could be the crystal quartz embedded in the ground. Or maybe the lay lines that cross at their Nexus point over Es Vedra, the famous rock off the Southeast coast of the island. Whatever the reason, love in Ibiza knows no bounds and, given our location near Cala Carbo, Harissa Villas is right in the epicentre of the love vortex. For if the rumour mill be true, Ibiza weddings near Es Vedra are marriages foretold to last a lifetime.

So we are lucky, as a luxury villa rental agency in Ibiza to have an exclusive and totally perfect Ibiza wedding accommodation set-up for you, in the heart of love-ville itself.  The Kasbah Villas Ibiza were carefully designed with exactly this kind of event in mind, the coolest group booking private villa resort Ibiza has ever seen; several luxury villas all rolled into one, literally next door to each other.  Gates adjoining the properties give each group/family their own, self-contained holiday home.  Plus there is a large, communal garden to bring the whole gang together for soirees and suppers. On top of that, in the same area, we have several other properties that can accommodate even more guests, just slightly further up the hill. This way everyone is kept together with the added bonus of front doors to close for privacy and downtime.

And as a luxury honeymoon suite – and then some – take a look at our hilltop villa with views of Es Vedra, Villa Uma. And by ‘views’ we mean a 180 degree panorama drama of delight. In fact, Villa Uma is famous for its views of Es Vedra and has been used by film/production companies as a set for fashion and advertising shoots. It is 300 metres above sea level with a stunning, panoramic pool. It’s the perfect venue, whether a personal space for the bride and groom, the bridesmaid’s glam squad headquarters, dream after party pad or even, if you are having an intimate ceremony of up to 60 guests, for the ceremony itself. We can help you with catering, hair and makeup, photographers, you name it!  We can also arrange massages and wellness treatments to help you relax before/after the big day.

If you were looking for a hidden gem, there is no doubt that we have the best options on island. Take a look at Villa Uma and its spectacular views from almost every room and terrace! With its modern and luminous design, this Villa is clearly inspired by Nature.

Whatever the reason. whatever the season…

No matter the season, no matter the date you’ve picked, Ibiza is romantic all year round. Summer, of course, brings the light, the heat and the heady nights while spring the charm of the almond trees in blossom, pink blankets that decorate the land with yet more magic.  In winter, of course, Ibiza accommodation is less expensive, and the island quieter (and dare we say more magical), so not only can you party into the night without disturbing anyone – you can do it on a budget!  And autumn?  Well, it’s just about the loveliest time of the year to be here – Ibiza’s best kept secret – with the added bonus of low cost Ibiza flights to transport you and yours.

And whilst we are talking about secrets, each year Harissa prepares a special holiday package for Valentine’s including exclusive accommodation , romantic welcome basket and a special surprise delivered directly at your villa! But that’s not all. On Valentine’s Day an Ibiza wedding proposal is possibly the most romantic gesture of all. It goes like this…. boy books Villa Uma to impress girl with luxury holiday accommodation – girl loves – best Ibiza villa rental agency ever put champagne on ice and decorate the bedroom with balloons (trust us, we are women, we know) – girl LOVES – villa company then book helicopter ride around Es Vedra for boy to pop question – girl says yes in the air – champagne pops – balloons pop.

And they all lived happily ever after…