Cala Carbo area and its hidden beach is the perfect Ibiza place for a relaxing family holiday surrounded by stunning Mediterranean landscapes and breathtaking sea views. 

We’ve heard it said: life is about the journey, not just the destination. Well, ne’er truer, in this case. The sweet, 15 minute drive from the popular village of Sant Josep, in Ibiza’s South East, to the characterful cove of Cala Carbo on its coast, is an unmissable one.  The winding, country road, through Ibiza’s glorious southernmost hills and valleys, includes the best…well…second best view of Es Vedra the island has to offer – the best being the 180 degree, postcard-perfect panorama at  HarissaVillas dream vacation home, Villa Uma.  For the first time in Ibiza and for all those who want to visit the island accompanied by large group of friends or the whole family – HarissaVillas offers the possibility to rent their own private mini-resort. The Kasbah Resort is made up of several villas located in the same neighborhood, one next to the other, with private access in between, sharing a large garden and 5 independent pools and their respective barbecue areas. The resort is ideal for group accommodation, retreats and comfortable stays for wedding guests. Check more about villa Kasbah 1, villa Kasbah 2 and villa Kasbah 3 in a perfect combination with villa Darshan and book them separately or all together to enjoy an unforgettable vacations. Luxury holiday accommodation near Es Vedra is like a rare and beautiful bird and we are privileged, as a villa rental agency in Ibiza, to own the amazing property we do in this highly sought-after area. Said to be the third most magnetic point on the planet, after the North and South Poles, Es Vedra is rumoured to emit healing properties, and holidaymakers (as well as  islanders!) make special trips just to be closer to the rock. You will see why. It’s breathtaking.

And after you’ve caught your breath back, follow the road down to the coastline and you will find Cala Carbo. Entirely void of the multi-storey hotels and crazy beach front rentals Ibiza summers would normally be associated with, Cala Carbo is a quiet cove; an inlet hugged by the cliffs, far from the madding crowd. Easy access parking right next to the sand, watersports, green areas and two fantastic restaurants make this the perfect Ibiza beach for a relaxing family holiday, romantic getaway or healthy Ibiza vacation – yes, such a thing exists!

villa rental ibiza - Vedra and Pool

Discovering the quiet intimacy of Cala Carbo; The small, sheltered sandy cove surrounded by rocky, pine clad hills. 

The waters are aquamarine and shallow for long enough that the paddlers are kept pacified and the little ones safe. On the right hand side of the beach are a few fishermen’s huts; quaint, little shacks that somehow make life feel simpler, just by looking at them. The cliff-face above decorates the sky with beautiful, Jenga-like boulders that have been smoothed over time, so that their edges are curved and soft. If ‘Middle Earth’ did cliffs these would be those.  It wouldn’t feel unusual to bump into a happy-to-see-you, cave-dwelling hobbit as you climb the man-made (hobbit made?) stone steps etched into the rock, leading to the roofs of the huts. From here the view is gorgeous and you can take in the cove in its entirety; clear, sparkly waters below and the drama of Ibiza nature all around. Turn to face the rocks, though, and look closer to marvel upon the natural crystal quartz encasing and streaking through the soft, orange stone, glistening dramatically – Ibiza style – in the sun.  Treasure, indeed. On the left of the beach, protective cliffs of more storytelling boulders, these ones jagged and unpredictable, for the courageous to clamber over.  Ibiza family fun takes on a whole new meaning here. There are untold adventures for older kids and adults to be had amongst those rocks. In fact, there are nooks and crannies amongst this Ibiza landscape where, if you pause for a moment and look out to sea, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were the only person on the planet. Romantic getaway territory this be; the perfect Ibiza location to lounge like lizards, unnoticed. You can rent an independent villa or a private countryside finca walking distance from the beach – et voila! – the perfect love nest. Speaking of romance, if you are thinking of getting married in Ibiza you’ll be pleased to hear (so the legend goes) a wedding near Es Vedra is foretold to be a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

When we say Harissa Villas can make your dreams come true, we might have to admit to having a little help from Mother Nature…