Cala D’hort, in the South West of the island, is one of the most special Ibiza beaches for…well…special reasons!  Firstly, this is the best beach view of Es Vedra by far. In fact it is really the only (easily accessible) beach that allows for a full view of the famous rock off Ibiza’s coast.  But there is more. The history of this area is profound. When a 420-room hotel and 18-hole golf course were planned to be built here, along with a desalination plant, the island’s environmentalist movement, GEN-GOB, got involved to stop the plans. After their first attempt was unsuccessful a protest march was planned and no less than 11,000 Ibiza residents turned up to support the cause. The result? Success!  In February 2002, the Cala D’hort National Park was created and the beach – along with other parts of this area and Ibiza town – listed as UNESCO protected World Heritage Sites . Power of the people won the day and the beach remains one of the most beautiful and special places of interest in Ibiza today.

Cala D’hort makes for a perfect family beach holiday as it’s a relatively small and quiet beach so easy to keep a track of your little ones. The waters are shallow enough to also be safe, with mainly sandy floors.  The restaurants here are excellent. Restaurant Carmen, on the left of the beach, is one of the best restaurants in Ibiza and considered a bit of a hidden gem. Family run, it is known for totally professional service – you never have to wait for your food – and many locals will choose to eat here. We suggest their lobster paella – to die for!  On the side of the beach is another famous Ibiza restaurant called El Boldado. Run by an Ibicencan family, it’s famous for fish and full moons!  The view of the full moon in summer makes this the perfect spot for an Ibiza romantic dinner to impress.

 Location, location, location …

More magic: Atlantis is also close by to here.  Fair enough it’s a bit of a trek down and not necessarily ideal for families with kids in Ibiza but this famous cove with its, said to be, ancient ruins and carvings is home to much mystery and an Ibiza attraction for, you guessed it, special reasons.

Harissa Villas are also close by and our beachfront properties and villas with views of Es Vedra are just as magical, we think, as all of the above. Villa Uma takes the biscuit.  It also takes you closer in feeling to Es Vedra than being on the beach does, believe it or not. Used as an Ibiza location for film production companies and fashion advertising shoots you can see why.

There are few legitimate Ibiza villa rental agencies near Es Vedra that can say they not only have but also own the real estate we do in this area. We say ‘legitimate’ because there is much in the way of scams in Ibiza villa rental land today. We feel to warn Ibiza holiday makers to be smart before booking!  Last year we had countless family villas and even Ibiza wedding accommodation to arrange last minute for clients who had arrived to find their Ibiza villa didn’t exist!  But you’re in safe hands with Harissa. We are as legitimate and as real Ibiza as the rock itself, so enough about all that. Let’s get back to magic.